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Streamax Easycheck

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Easy Check is made up of software and WIFI module.
Easy Check is a device management software running in Android and iOS system. People could manage the MDVR conveniently via the software when it is connected the device
through WIFI, which could improve maintenance and management efficiency.
WIFI Module Features
1) It is much more convenient to use the device in limited space, for it adopts extensional cord USB design;
2) Plug and play, and it will connect automatically via WIFI;
3) Support external SD card file backup.
Software Features
1) Search and find the MDVR via WIFI network in a second;
2) Check the status information of device;
3) Support multi-channel HD video real-time preview;
4) Support main and sub streams switch automatically when switching images;
5) Support video/track, speed curve playback analysis;
6) Support video backup and unlock the locked video;
7) Support the export of device alarm log, user operation log and parameter file;
8) Support single firmware update.


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